Rebeka Gabriel  "Owner/Stylist/Lead Hairdresser"    

 Rebeka Gabriel "Owner/Stylist/Lead Hairdresser"


Rebeka "Ms.Resolution" gabriel

My name is Rebeka Gabriel and I am a product of two hard working Haitian immigrant parents. I am the fourth child out of five in my family and I am the third person in my family to earn a college degree. I am also second in my family to earn a dual degree. I am currently a 31-year-old Curry College graduate and it has been a long road to get to this point.  I am glad to have attained a degree in one of my many passion, Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology, but before this journey my first love was hair. 
I remember getting a “kid sister” doll for Christmas when I was 7-years- old and everyday after school my “kid sister” had a new hair style.  As I got older, I began doing styles and protective hair styles on myself.  Before I knew it, I was that girl braiding and curling hair with a battery operated curling iron at the bus stop and on the school bus.  In 2004, graduated from Empire Beauty School and from there I specialize in working with all hair types.  I opened my salon because I was a customer.  I wanted to teach my friends, mothers, daughters, aunts, neighbors, and co-workers that natural hair is beautiful.  I wanted to teach them to love themselves and understand what they have and that their crown kisses the sky.  Lastly, I opened this salon for the full time stay at home mom who only has Sunday off, for the full time student/worker that can only give themselves a little time first thing Saturday morning,  and lastly, I did this for my fellow Kings and Queens.

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