Myriam "Expert Hairdresser"  

Myriam "Expert Hairdresser"


Myriam Lauriston

My name is Myraim and welcome to my world at Styllistk “Specializing In All Hair Care”.  In my country of Haiti, learning how to properly groom yourself was part of my everyday education growing up.  When I reached middle school, I was able to choose a study of my choice.  I choose to make people feel better about themselves, I choose to be a beautician.  In high school, i graduated top of my class in Beauty and Hairstyling.
I arrived in the U.S as a young adult.  The language was hard to grasp and adapt to and the beauty world was totally different.  I have worked in salons all over Boston, Ma and I have also had the pleasure of owning my own hair salon “Head Quarters”. 
I've been licensed in cosmetology for the past 24 year and I specialize in hair education; working with long, intermediate, and short hair.  I am fabulous with creating updos and styles and proficient with wedding,  weavings, and hair growth.
I am so proud of our salon where we proudly use Salon Professional products, which are eco-friendly, not tested on animals, and hypoallergenic. Our fine line of natural oils, shampoos, conditioners, treatment, and de-tanglers are also available for purchase right on this site.
Sharee "Braidologist"  

Sharee "Braidologist"


Sharee Seay

My name is Sharee and welcome to my world at Styllistik “Specializing In All Hair Care”.  As a little girl I have always expressed my creativity via braiding complex and trendy styles.  I started practicing and perfecting my “none pulling, but tight braid” techniques on my own hair at the age of 14. Braiding gave me creative expression while also making me feel complete.  I provide a protective hair style without damaging the hair and preserving ones edges are key.  I specialize in working with long, intermediate, and short hair.  I also create updos and braided styles that can be worn to events & every day work life.
I am available for braiding styles of all kinds during regular salon hours.  In addition, I am taking a certified training class “provided by Styllistik’s” in Dread & Loc maintenance.


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