Client LovE

Each Client's hair journey is a personal and meaningful one for us.  We take pride in knowing that we've help instill confidence, beauty, and healthy hair  


I lived in the Boston area for 5 years before I found STYLLISTIK. A friend of mine liked the Facebook page and when I checked out the page I loved the hair pictures that were posted. I called Rebeka and the consultation on the phone was so encouraging I made an appointment for the following week. When I came to Rebeka my hair was breaking off, I had split ends and it was dry and brittle. Rebeka has brought my hair back to life!! My hair hasn't been this healthy since childhood. She's developed a protective style that allows me to go swimming during the week and she always advises me on the products to use on my hair. My hair was short and damaged when I came and now it's down my back, thick and healthy! I love Rebeka and Styllistik!! If you want to visit a professional salon and have a stylist who understands all type of hair types go to Styllistik's!! There's no other place for me!!!

Tracie J. ~47~


I've had a hard time trusting anybody with my hair after previous stylists left my hair extremely damaged some years back. But then one day I took a chance on Rebekah who I found online and have been better ever since. She's been doing my hair for over 6 years now and there's never been a time when she didn't give me the look I wanted, relaxed or braided. She doesn't do anything without care and dedication. She's not out here like these other stylists who just do anything and don't care if your hair is overprocessed or damaged because she's not just about money, she wants you to have healthy hair. That's why I stay a client and tell my friends & people on the street who ask me where I do my hair about her. It's really hard out here to find a good hair stylist. Styllistik is where you need to go if you want your hair done right.


Chardae G. ~33~



I started my natural hair journey Five years ago.  Through out my life i have put my hair through several trials and tribulation.  From relaxers, coloring, curling irons, weaves, and the stress of life.  You name it, i have been through it all. My hair was thin, dull and  prone to breaking easily.  I had already done "the big chop”, but I didn't know how to maintain my natural tresses. Apparently it was not as easy as buying natural hair products at my local Target and watching youtube videos.   

In September of 2012 I met Rebeka Gabriel at Styllistik “Specializing In All Hair Care” and under her guidance I began the journey back to healthy hair.  I was immediately impressed with Rebeka's expert knowledge of natural hair. Equally important, Rebeka invested time in getting to know me - my profession, my lifestyle, what I liked and didn't like. Armed with that knowledge, she recommended a protective hair style (in my case we started with comb coils) that fit my lifestyle and personality. We had regular appointments where she took the time to educate me on the best products and hair maintenance. We talked about how managing stress and eating well affects hair health also. Within 4 months, we began to see a complete transformation of my hair into a healthy, full, thick and long mane.  My hair grew and grew!   My hair journey is well documented. Visit Styllistik's website to see how my hair was transformed. 

Rebeka helped me learn to love my hair. She can do the same for you!


Michele Courton Brown